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According to the latest polls, in the Czech Republic 11,5% of women and 6,7% of men are not heterosexual. It is therefore very likely for the majority population to meet sooner or later someone from that minority. It could be a family member, an acquaintance, a colleague at work.  



More than half of LGBT Czechs, however, hide their orientation or gender identity at work. Hiding and telling half-truths about where one spends the weekend, and with whom, can be psychologically demanding and have an adverse effect on work performance.

That’s why Prague Pride offers employers interactive workshops. Through them, we help managers and teams to find ways in which the company can support LGBT employees in coming out, help create a better work climate and ensure a better output for the whole team.

Workshop structure


The workshop is made of four variable blocks: 

  1. LGBT identity: what’s behind each letter? (45 minutes)

An interactive lecture based on facts and polls results gives you a better sense of orientation in the LGBT terms and abbreviations. We reveal together what people are behind each letter, and what their lives are like.

  1. In LGBT skin (90 minutes)

You will play roles and engage in activities with significant `is that so?` moments. What are the problems and the fears LGBT people must deal with at work? How were they influenced by their growing up experiences, at school or in the family? Thanks to the role-playing, you will feel it on your own skin. You will get to better understand that supposedly different world and on top of that, you will find out new things about yourself! 

  1. LGBT history – a look at the rainbow’s roots

To understand better LGBT people and the challenges they face today, it is good to start by looking to the past. An interactive journey into the history of Europe and America will clear up for key thoughts and milestones of the LGBT movement.

  1. The power of personal stories (45 minutes)

Get to know an LGBT person and ask them delicate questions right up front.  Find out what topics are OK with them, and which should rather be avoided. How do they feel when they hear jokes about gays and lesbians? How can you help them fit more naturally at work? 

BONUS: Individual consulting – delicate matters will be discussed privately (30 minutes)

We realize that the LGBT topic can be sensitive or totally new for some people. At the end of each block we therefore engage in reflexive emotional exercise and offer half an hour of individual consultation with our experienced lectors.


Targeted people 

The workshop is for all managers and HR professionals, but also for rank and file employees who simply want to be more friendly and straightforward with their LGBT colleagues, but have some unanswered questions.


How long is it? 

The workshops are flexible, and we can adjust them to your needs. An ideal option is to go through all four blocks, to get a deep understanding of the LGBT diversity and need for inclusion. Should you be however short of time, we can figure out how to set up a shorter workshop that better fits your demands.


Workshop capacity

The ideal group is 30 people – that provides a comfort zone for questions and interaction. But we can also handle 60 people-strong teambuilding groups, or we can combine the workshop with company lunch. Don’t worry.


How much it costs

For signatories of the Memoranda Pride Business Forum we offer discounts: 

50% for Premium Members

15% for Regular Members


Leaflet to download

Download our leaflet and show it to the HR department of your company.


51 % of Czechs hide their sexual orientation or gender identity at work

47 % of young LGBT people say they go back into the closet at their first workplace

79% will not come out at work for fear of the colleagues’ reactions

75 % fear it might damage relationships at work

54 % are afraid that their careers might be jeopardized

11 % have been discriminated or bullied at work because of being LGBT


Tereza Pelechová











Prague Pride z. s. 

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Czech Republic

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Registration in the Register of Association: Municipal Court in Prague, Section L, Insert No. 22311


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